Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Moon, The Bunny, and The Whitie Hubby

Many Asian folklores involve bunnies on the moon. The Chinese one goes something like this, a bunny who lives on the moon makes these medicines with a pestle and mortar (yes, on the moon, don't ask, I didn't make this shit up). Woman stole the medicines, ate them, flew to the moon and could only return once a year to see her husband (I'm sure eventually my real Chinese friends will come around to correcting the details of this story). Point is, there's a bunny on the moon, and I have spent months, possibly years, trying to convince Hubby of that.

Take a look at this picture:

You can totally make out the ears in the upper right quandrant, right? Which makes the circular shape attached naturally the head, and the rest will have to be the body, right? Wrong! I even drew it out on a piece of paper once and still only got the blank look from Hubby.

Out of the blue today Hubby emailed me during work and happily announced that, "I can finally see the bunny!" (Don't ask me what he does at work. I have noooo idea and I am not asking any questions so long as the paychecks keep coming.) Then he sent me this link. Evidently in order to convince a Whitie that there is, indeed, a bunny on the moon, you literally have to draw it out, like so:-

Photo credit: Uoregon ?


D-Money said...

But of course, it was the smiley face that clinched it!

parsonii said...

Oh, jesus.