Sunday, October 11, 2009

Living Life Dangerously

So as you may or may not know, I took a trip to Hawaii back in the July/August time frame. But this story has nothing to do with the actual trip there, but more the travelling part of it.

So it was my friend DS's birthday the day before I return, and luckily I remembered that she likes these caramel chocolates that you can only get from Hawaii. (You can get macadamia nut chocolates from Ranch 99, it will be silly to lug them back.) So the plan was to hit the Navy Exchange on the way to the airport to pick up a couple boxes.

Having the insight, and past troubles with overweight luggage, Hubby and I lugged my luggage down to the gym to weight it first. My luggage weighted 47.9 lb. The limit of a piece of luggage is 50 lb, you have a pay a fee after that or for a second piece of luggage. Ironically, I actually brought an extra duffel bag with me in case I decide to buy a lot of chit in Hawaii, but I didn't, so it's rolled up and stuffed into the big suitcase. Without the weight of the duffel bag, this would be a non issue altogether.

We got to the Navy Exchange and discovered that the net weight of a box of Caramacs is 12 oz., you throw in the weight of the box, that's a pound give or take. So the dilemma now is: Do I lean on the save side and only bring back 1 box or take a chance and get two boxes, which is what I wanted to do. After much mulling and ignoring Hubby's advice, I went with two. I like to live life dangerously. :)

When I got to the airport and put my suitcase on the scale? 49.9 lb!!! I swear, after the lady jotted down the weight, a gust of air came and pushed it to 50.0 lb! =D Parsonii 1, Evil Airline Company 0. :)

[Note to D : the "Parsonii 1, Evil Airline Company 0" part will be an example of a line to "wrap things up" so things aren't "hanging." =)]

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