Sunday, October 31, 2010

Two Things I've Learned...

...through my countless trips to Lowe's in order to make our home move-in ready:

(1) Money can buy you lots of goodies...

(2) Even better when you have bottomless money to buy all the goodies.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Reacher and Settler

Great wisdom (TV show How I Met Your Mother) once said that there are always a reacher and a settler in any relationship. For those of you who does not watch sitcom either because you don't live in this country or those who lives in this country but are "too cool" for sitcoms, the reacher refers to the one who reached for the one above their league and the settler settled for the one below their league. Now I won't say that ALL relationships are necessarily based on this model, but certainly one can see the advantages of this model. If there's neither a reacher nor a settler in a relationship, perhaps a relationship between two highly independent individuals is just harder to maintain.

Just take a step back and think for a second here how a reacher/settler relationship model will make a relationship stronger? The reacher has already obtained someone above their league, if they know what's good for them, they'll strive to keep this settler instead of "exploring other options." What do the settle get out of it? You may ask. Ah, the answer is quite simple (I am starting to sound like a character under Chuck Norris). First you have to ask, "Why do they settle in the first place?" Answer: they prefer not to be with someone of their own league or above them. They have the need to be adored, hence it befits them to stay in the relationship with the reacher. If you look at it close enough, it's really a symbiotic rather than a parasitic relationship. ^__^

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wisdom (?)

Finally, with my (almost) 40-year-old wisdom (?), I can now look back at all the mistakes I've made and say that should I encounter the 20 something me right now, I will tell her, "Don't even bother with this, this, and that, they will never happen." On the other hand, knowing myself as well as I do, the 20 something me would probably go ahead and make those mistakes anyway. If the not-yet 40 something myself won't listen to the 60 something myself telling me to not do X, Y, and Z. The 20 something me is definitely not going to listen to the 40 something me about not doing A, B, and C. In my own defense, however weak the defense is, our mistakes make us who we are today, right? :D

Sunday, October 3, 2010

OMG OMG The *Bleeping* Autosave Feature

I know this has been discussed to death but I must vent my frustration. What's with this autosave in blogger THAT CANNOT BE DISABLED? If it cannot be disabled, why DID they make it autosave every minute? If whatever changes/edits/mistakes I made will saved RIGHT AWAY, it defeat the purpose of having a "save" feature! Now that I am aware of it, just the change of color of the "Save Now" button is a big distraction. When is the update coming? :((

Turning Forty

As a woman who is inching towards 40-year old, I think I am finally qualify to write an essay on how not to freak out when you turn 30/40 (freaking out when you turn 30. Hah!) A few things to keep in mind:

1) Don't try to compare yourself with someone in their 20's. They are in their 20's, you are not. Keep in mind that everybody will eventually turn 40, barring untimely deaths, which nobody counts on.

2) Don't focus on "Oh my God, I am turning 40," instead, focus on your accomplishments so far. Unfortunately, not everyone can be rich and famous -- that would just cause ridiculous inflation -- hopefully you will be able to find some reasons why the first half of your life was not entirely pointless.

3) Don't tell yourself what you can't do because of your age. Be realistic with limitations, but for the most part, not a whole lot are entirely out of reach. I find a lot of inspiration in the 50+ individuals who go onto Wipeout. It's 40, not the end of the world.

4) Be young in spirit, keep your mind active, keep your body active, pay attention to a healthy life style, and most importantly, keep your sense of humor -- being old doesn't mean you also have to be boring. :)