Saturday, October 24, 2009


All of us (semi-normal women) should have a decent amount of appreciation for all the crazy b*tches out there. Why? When they are through with a decently nice guy, they tend to set the bars so low for the rest of us it's not even funny.

Take my husband for example, his only expectation / deal breaker in our marriage is for me to not cheat on him. That's it! Yeah, you would think that a given.

And this other guy friend of mine had just expressed to me that his girlfriend is "super cool." Now, I am nobody to argue with him whether his girlfriend is super cool or not given that I have never met her. And it's arguable that I'm even qualify in commenting on whether another female is "super cool," whatever that means. But one thing I do know was that his ex-girlfriend was crazy!

So said guy is a cyber friend of mine. We met online playing MMORPG. I have never met him; I have no intention of ever meeting him; and, quite honestly, I can't even remember which state he resides in. We just chat online occasionally (and I, of course, leave random comments on his Facebook entries. Who doesn't do that nowadays?). One day he came and inform me of this, "I can't talk to you anymore, my girlfriend is jealous of you." "Ooookay," I said. Not like there's anything else I could say? Believe it or not, not being able to chat with said individual is not the most crushing event / defining moment of my life. I felt a bit odd about the entire exchange, I guess he was at least nice enough to inform me of that? (Although, truth be told, I'd probably forgot this person ever existed if he had just disappeared, but what-ev. Still a nice gesture, I guess.)

I am talking to this guy again now that he has broken up with the crazy chick. So you see what I mean now? His girlfriend might have many other good qualities, but my hunches told me that after the last crazy chick, any girls who don't go ballistic over his online female friends will fall into the category of "super cool." Must have appreciation for the crazy b*tches, sista.

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