Saturday, October 17, 2009

Storm in the Bay Area?

Wow, after five years of living in the bay area, I finally got to see a real storm, not the usual drizzling that bay area people would call "raining cats and dogs." There was a real storm on Monday, which downgraded to occasional showers on Tuesday, then it was clear the rest of the week. I still don't understand why people hate rain so much, fresh water notwithstanding, raining just feels good. Even the air smells different and has a very cleansing feel to it. I also like it when the humidity is high and you can smell the ocean even from San Jose downtown. The combination of the ocean smell and pollution makes our building smell very much like Hong Kong, particularly Prince Edward Building in Admiralty. Even without any particular emotional attachment to Prince Edward Building, the occasional reminder is still welcomed.

Here are some crazy pictures from Monday's storm found on the San Jose Mercury News website:-

This puddle just looked very fun to play in. :)

This is not exactly a storm picture, but it's so pretty. :)

Photo Credits: San Jose Mercury News and Staff

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