Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Soapbox

I had recently given the link to my blog to another friend (yeah, totally slipping from my original intention of random stranger only readers, but who cares about a random mad woman's rambling?) so I went back and read some of my old posts because I really don't remember what I had wrote and I have been surprised in the past by people possessing knowledge that I do not recall sharing, not a pleasant surprise, if I may add. Here's what I noticed when I went back and read my own blog: Boy, do I write in an angry tone!

Okay, maybe not entirely angry but definitely "high spirited." But hey, in my own defense, the title of my blog is "My SOAPBOX." One is supposed to be high spirited when he/she steps onto a soap box. If I'm not posting about my passionate opinion on a subject, I might as well be twittering about my mundane daily life (you can also find that on the right hand column, by the way, I like to have all my bases covered).

In the end, everything is better with some kicks to it, let it be food or personality. That's why straight laced people are always so boring. ;)

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