Tuesday, October 27, 2009

From Reality TV Show to Romance

So I was watching Season 15, Episode 6 of Amazing Race, if you go to about 36 minutes or so into the show, you will see this couple facing this challenge where they have to jump off a water slide approximately 6-story tall at an almost 90 degree angle. The problem came when blondie could not jump because she could not overcome her fear of height. And you could see the boyfriend was quite tempted to push her off. I'm not sure if I should say he would if he could or kudos for finally withholding the temptation of pushing her off here. But since I saw part of it during the commercial, I made sure I grabbed Hubby to watch that part with me, only to make that point that I would not be jumping if it was me and what would he say if we were in that situation. Him, of course, gave the perfect answer that he won't make me do it. Whether he'd really say that or not should the situation truly arise is debatable, but since we have no intention of ever joining any crazy game shows, I guess we'll never find out. :)

Forget about the man who is willing to die for me, I will take someone who'd tell me, "That's okay, honey, we don't have to do that," and walk down the stairs with me any day of the year. I do not believe that romance has to be grand gestures; anyone can do grand gestures, even if he/she has no feelings whatsoever for you. Who can't mimic some sappy plot out of some cheesy romance comedy, as long as your wallet allows for it. I, however, believe that romance is something that should shine through in the smallest of all areas -- him remembering little things about me or things that I have said in passing (that even I forgot). And most importantly, would not push me off a 6-story tall water slide!

We will probably never find out whether the couple made it or not after the show. Given that their status is "newly dating," there are so many things that can go wrong. But if you ask me, I am going to go with "no," the relationship probably would not survive that, given that 40% arguments between a couple is over money. It will forever loom over them that they had a chance of winning $1 million and given it up. Then again, who knows, maybe they can tough it out.

Would I really do that if it was me? Depends, probably if the $1 million is guaranteed, but if that's just part of game and there are still other teams out there... um... questionable. I wouldn't know for sure till I am actually there.

Then again, people who goes on these shows, specifically the ones when you play as individuals, always cohort with others at the beginning and seem to have forgetten that no matter who you befriend and team up with at the beginning, in the end there could only be one winner. It's each man for themselves, baby!

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