Sunday, October 4, 2009

His Stuff / Her Stuff

Photo credit: ComicSpace/Dale H

This is SO true, I am one dinner table away from swapping out everything that Hubby brought into the marriage. (Yay!) And the only reason that survived for so long was because he purchased it after the conclusion his previous relationship -- it had no other female influences.

In my own defense, the furniture he brought into the relationship were god awful. I wish I had taken pictures to support my point.

For the male comrades who did not want their furniture replaced and/or be stuck with floral, butterfly, or ladybug patterns, here are a few of my suggestions:-

(1) Develop better taste so she wouldn't need to swap them out;
(2) Stay single;
(3) Have a non-female partner; or
(4) Be an ass and insist that your stuff stays.

When all else failed, find a woman with better taste. =D

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