Thursday, October 22, 2009


Amageddon (1998). Arguably one of the best movie ever made. Now I have Leaving on a Jet Plane stuck in my head. :S

Other movies that make my top lists are: Independence Day and Men in Black. Do we see a pattern here? It's not so much the science fiction of it (okay, it's part of it), but mostly the kind of humor they have in common. One of Bruce Willis's old movie Boy Scout also depicts the same type of humor. I guess I aspire to be someone who will still be able to maintain my sense of humor despite great distress. After all, it's not like your attitude (being overly serious) will alter whatever the shitty situation you are facing here. [Possibly another reason why people think I am younger than my real age. Most folks my age are just... very serious people.]

Funny thing, I once called my friend H in Hong Kong while she was watching Independence Day with her husband. Her comment was, "Why was it always the Americans that saved the world?" Well, the answer is very simple, my friend. The Americans made the movie. [Not to mention it's also called ID4 and was released on Independence Day. The entire title wouldn't even make sense if we, the Americans, didn't save the world.] We sure as hell aren't going to make the Japanese or the Armenians the savior of the world in our movie! If this movie was made by the Japanese, you bet your ass that the Japanese will be the ones who saved the world instead of the Americans!

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D said...

There's a lot of great moments in it, and emotionally potent, but not on my top ten list! Although I did win a bet that it would be better than Deep Impact! :)