Friday, October 9, 2009

Deeply Annoying Phrases

I found this list of "Deeply Annoying Phrases" on WashingtonPost in which readers are encouraged to pitch in their two cents' worth. Some are funnier than others, here's a few example.

"pwnd" - not even a vowel, I think one of my Gen Y friend told me it meant you were tricked, or something to that effect

"just sayin'" - I don't see anything wrong with it, at least in IM. I suppose it will be slang to use in proper writing, but how many in this country can still write properly, especially among Gen Y?

"Throw under the bus" - a friend of mine uses it all the time. Although I think wouldn't proper grammar be "threw under the bus" or "thrown under the bus"?

"I just threw up in my mouth a little" - eww

"Think outside the box" - love the saying, not sure what's the guy's problem with it.

"I know, RIGHT?" (when someone emphatically agrees with you) - the funny thing was: I just learned to use this "phrase" for the first time the day before I read this list :)

"At the end of the day" - perfectly good saying to me.

"It is what it is" - again, I don't see a problem with it.

"Quite frankly" & "I've got to be honest with you" - I use those two ALL THE TIME. LOL

Some people really just post for the sake of posting. British folks saying "indeed" is really cultural. But hey, different strokes for the different folks. At least it wasn't ONE person who was annoyed at all of the above. If it is, I truly feel sorry for said individual...

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D said...

My take:
"Pwnd" Lazy as younger gen! The phrase started as "Owned" like when someone thoroughly beats another at a sport or something. Pwnd I think is a typo that took on a life of it's own. P is right next to O.

"Just Sayin" is a cop out and people are tired of it. 'It's my opinion but not really'.

"Throw under the bus" is so OVER USED! Tired of hearing it.

"I just threw up..." Dodgeball anyone? Great line, but it caught on and it's also over used now.

"Think outside the box" They were using this since before I was born.

"I know RIGHT?" Channeling Ross from Friends are we? "right" and "Really?" are becoming tiresome to hear.

"At the end of the day" Also way old!

"It is what it is." I heard so much at my last job. really just means, "You're screwed, so deal with it!"

"Quite Frankly" and "I've got to be honest with you" Old.. but it is what it is. :)

What happened to "Whatever"? I'm still hearing that one! And "Yes we can!" Soooo yesterday!