Monday, October 26, 2009

'Digital dirt' can haunt your job search -

'Digital dirt' can haunt your job search -

Avoid joining groups or engaging in online activities that could embarrass or restrict opportunities
This is just great, so even during my personal time, I really should watch what I say/do online. Not that I plan on joining some Nazi or evangelical groups, but atheism still has certain stigma attached to it. Why do I need to tip toe around what I truly feel/think online on my own time while Christians can wear their belief like a badge and freely remind you of them every 15 minutes? Oh right, to hopefully land a good job one day.

Tatum suggests developing your own positive content by creating articles, starting a blog or posting to forums. As long as you can smother any negative information about you, you should be OK in an initial employer search.
Even better, in addition to my real blog (this one) that I am trying painfully to keep anonymous, I should also start a fake one that will cast positive lights on my digital footprint. Just lovely!

Make your content useful

Help people get something done or teach them something, Grossbart says. Respond to forum posts, answer questions or comment on blogs. Helping people is the perfect way to showcase your talents to potential employers.

Some of us really, really don't like using our real names online, even for a book report on Amazon. Should I be penalized for that? :(

Beware the cybertwin

Be wary of people out there on the Internet with the same name as you, Merritt says.

Lucked out here, the top two or three cybertwins of mine are all more successful than me. :) I lost my attention span before I find myself online. Yay?

And people wonder why I prefer to stay anonymous online...

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