Tuesday, October 20, 2009

From Tabitha to Extramarital Affairs

So back in college I knew this crazy French girl with a cat by the name of Tabitha. Since that was the first time I ever heard of that name, I have always associated "Tabitha" as a cat's name (sorry to all the human Tabithas out there!). Of course the other well known Tabitha is the girl in Bewitched (?), that doesn't help the whole cat/witch imagery.

Digressing from Tabitha is why I said this chick is crazy. She has issues. Of course we all have issues, but some of us tend to hide it better. The reason I called her crazy (wonder what's the odds of her bumping onto this blog) is because her father had an affair (couldn't remember if her parents ended up with a divorce) and she believed that it was ALL the other woman's fault. And I meant ALL. If I so much as to suggest that perhaps, just perhaps, her father was also somewhat responsible, she'd want to bite my head off. Another one of those things that happened so long ago in my life but will forever remain a mystery to me.

It's takes two to tangle! You can lead a horse to water! How is it that in her mind her father shares absolutely zero responsibility in this fiasco? :O If we were to assess blame, and if one party must take more blame than the other, wouldn't it be the one who is in a committed relationship? Let's see here:- whilst the third person betrayed his/her own sense of moral (the Generally Accepted Moral Code of the society), the party in the committed relationship also betrayed his/her partner in addition to that moral code. Any way you look at it, it's one count versus two. Heck, the third person made no oath under God or local authority to be faithful to another individual! And who knows what really happened, maybe the guy didn't even divulge the fact that he's married!

Of course, if you were to believe in the Bible literally, it only says "Thy shall not covet thy neighbor's wife." Nothing was said about thy neighbor's husband... :)

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D said...

All too often it is the man who is considered the weak one with no willpower deny his penis!

There are those who think men can't act responsibly when confronted with temptation. I've experienced this first hand! My ex couldn't conceive that I would not cheat on her, because she simply didn't trust the other woman. She claimed to trust me completely. So where's the problem? If I am trustworthy, I will not cheat. Why couldn't she understand that it takes TWO to tango?! Some people just can't get past their own ideas of how the world works.

And the Bible also say absolutely nothing about sex outside of marriage. I don't know where the concept of sin in sex came from.