Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Ding Ding Gate

Okay, the hubby has been complaining about no updates, so I better write something. I'll start with the story of the "Ding Ding Gate."

It'd appear that people like to ask "When do I know him/her is the right one?" Or is that just another one of those Hollywood stereotype? Assume people do like to ask this question, I'd say one of the many reasons is: "That he or she just gets you."

Many years ago I lived by the light rail (must cross everyday to go to and from work). Every time there's a light rail train coming, lights will go off and the gates will come down, stopping traffic from both sides. In case you miss the flashing red lights (you'll be surprised), it is also accompanied by this "ding ding ding ding ding" sound, just in case you are blind.

So I was retelling a story once and sometimes, as a ESL (English as second language) speaker, the right words don't necessarily come to mind immediately, I referred to the gate as the "ding ding gate." My roommate/ex-boyfriend for years asked me, "What is a 'ding ding gate'?" But my now-husband, then new boyfriend naturally knew what I was referring to. He is, therefore, Mr. Right. ;)

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