Friday, June 5, 2009

It's Cold Cash, Not Cold Feet

After a long time of griping to my husband about never sending me links to interesting article that he read, finally he sent me something. Although receiving a link to this particular topic (about China) from my White husband is very odd.

Surplus of Bachelors Spurs Scam in China -

It's interesting how the article only mentioned the government's population control policy, but not Chinese's unnatural preference for boys. And naturally, the top few feedbacks to the article (I could only sustain my attention span to read the first 10 or so) blamed the problem on the population control policy and few that that grooms' families are the victims. The population control policy could not have single-handedly created the problem of a surplus of bachelors. The natural birth ratio of females to males are 53:47 (it's not just my bias to believe that females are the better of the two genders ;). Okay, even if you don't know that particular statistics, you should still assume that a natural population should consist of 50:50 male/female ratio, barring any wars that killed a lot of men. A better question to ask is: What happened to the girls? Some were abandoned (and get adopted to US), others were not so fortunate. Much as my friend B would want to bite my head off for saying this, I am a strong supporter of population control policies, we desperately need that in US. It is the male-loving culture that is the true center of the problem. And this is a great lesson -- lots and lots of bachelor without any single females (HAHAHA). This is evolution looking down at you and laughing. Perhaps the 30 bachelors can turn GAY in order to experience coital pleasure!

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