Monday, June 8, 2009

Word of the Week: Limbo

Everything, and I mean literally everything is in limbo this week. And those who knows me will know that I'm not a patient person. This is killing me:-

- Apartment hasn't got back to me with a reasonable offer
- Without an offer, I cannot start seriously looking for another place
- I also need to give 30 days notice
- Can't plan weekend gaming activities unless I know if I am moving

- Work guy was supposed to call me back and still waiting
- Waiting on Hubby's final annual training approval so I can buy ticket to Hawaii and take time off work
- Not sure if vacation plan will interfere with work until I hear from guy

This week's work is Limbo. Tomorrow I am going to get an answer from the apartment peeps one way or another. At least some things I have control over.


For those of you who are curious. The cell phone guy never talked on his phone at * 5 AM outside my window again. Wonder why? ;)

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