Thursday, June 25, 2009


The Hubby did more rearranging of the furniture and we have more freebies to give away. As usual, I turned to the good ol' CL (Craigslist). While we are giving away the items for free because (1) most of them we really don't think will fetch any monetary amount and (2) just want to get them out of the house ASAP, I was still hoping that some real people who will actually use the items can benefit from them. All the stuff were gone within 10 minutes of the posting time, many of them ask for all of the items. Either the individual truly just move to the area and will take practically everything, or they are just scalpers trying to turn it around for cash. It was quite disheartening. Perhaps next time I'll spend a few more minutes to sort through the email and only give the item to those who seems like a "real person." *sighs*

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