Thursday, June 18, 2009

Why I Hate Gray's Anatomy

Why I hate Gray's Anatomy, in the exact order:-

(1) Sappy! I've never had the luxury to have so much time and energy to waste to watch day time show, but I envision General Hospital is probably something like that. What's with the heart-to-heart talk 3 times per show!! Do you want a relationship like that with your boss:-

You snapping at your boss, "You are an asshole!"

Three hours later, close to the end of the work day, he'll call you into his office, "Yeah, xxx, you are right, I never realized that I'm SUCH an asshole and I'm SO glad you have pointed it out to me. From now on I'll try to be a better person."

Seriously? If I wasn't paid enough to put up with the asshole of a boss, I certain am not paid enough to do the heart-to-heart crap with him. For the love of God, just stay an asshole.

(2) The fine example of doctors. I don't know if they really teach you to be detached to your patients in medical school as the show claims, but I sure hope real doctors out there are offended by the way this show portrays doctors. None of them really give a damn about their patients. Patients to them are like a game. And they are excited when your symptoms are a mystery and ecstatic when you have some obscure diseases, curable or not. Really, is this the hospital you want to take your love one to? If I have some obscure symptoms, this is the last hospital I want to be at. House is an asshole too, but at least he cures his patients. I'm afraid if I'm going to Sacred Heart Hospital at Seattle (?) I'll get cancer just from the aggravation alone.

(3) Promiscuity - is this a trend that's set by ER that all medical drama must have lots of promiscuous doctors. So just like any shows, there has to be a predefined number of people in the core group, this group is actually quite big. BUT, once they get together and break up, next thing you know everybody has slept with everybody else, including some girl on girl action!! Again, what is this, day time drama?

(4) It's a medical show, it's depressing as hell. It constantly reminds me of mine and my husband's mortality.

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