Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ding Ding Gate II

Besides whether he gets me or not, the Ding Ding Gate also served a second purpose -- it's a great test as to whether he'll make a quality mate. You see, the biggest different (the definition) between a male and a female is the size of our gametes (eggs and sperms). A man can produce 2 million sperms at one time, and a female can only produce once a month, and for a very limited time. A man can impregnate a woman within minutes and move on; and a woman has to first spend 10 months carrying the baby to term, then raise it for a lengthy period of time. It is therefore more important for a female to be choosy... soon, I'll get to my point.

The light rail is NOT a freight train; it only takes a few minutes to pass, only a potential Darwin Award winner will be dumb enough to try to outrun a light rail train as the gates are coming down. Had he ran the gate at any given point in time, it's a very good indication to NOT REPRODUCE WITH THIS MAN'S GENES IN MY OFFSPRING. Can you imagine? Nineteen years of hard work (18 years of upbringing + 1 year of pregnancy), only so my child can be hit and killed by a train, due to nobody but his own fault! The hubby has, of course, never attempted to out run the light rail. :D The litmus test has been passed.

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