Sunday, June 14, 2009

Recession Rich

Recession Rich - A slang term used to describe an individual who manages to do well financially, relative to broader population, during a recession. Someone that is recession rich does not necessarily need to be considered wealthy, but rather has managed to maintain a good standard of living during a time when others worry about their financial stability.

So Hubby and I definitely fall into this category. Jobs are relatively secure (knock on wood), to the point that we (at least I am) starting to feel survivor's guilt. Shoot, recession is so deep that our apartment voluntarily lowered our rent, and lowered it some more when I bartered with them. Then we realized that what's better time to bargain shop and replace all our Ikea/Target/Walmart temporary furniture than during deep recession? So we went out to buy ourselves nice (very subjective) coffee table and end table yesterday during Anderson's TV's consolidation sale.

Next we are going to get Hubby REAL computer desk and a nice COUCH with CHAISE! Sure, a HOUSE would be better, but since we won't be buying a house in any foreseeable future, nothing wrong with having all the nice furniture to move into that house with when the time comes. :)

Yes, very guilty that we are totally exploiting the economy, but hey, somebody's got to spend and try to prop the US economy up, eh?

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