Saturday, June 6, 2009

I Hate July

For reasons beyond understanding and due to no fault of my own, all life-changing events in my life like to happen in July, the *same* July. Three years ago, July, I quit my job, move, took a trip, and started my new job. Nothing sounded that bad huh? When was the last time you moved? Now imaging throwing in a TRIP in there. Note that we are doing a trip the American way. I say that because I have never heard people saying how they "need a vacation after a vacation" until I've came to this country. Granted, I wasn't a working professional back in HK.

To clarify it a bit, the American-style traveling is: leaving on Friday after work, coming back on Sunday (could be the next Sunday, not necessary the Sunday of the same week) dead tired, and go back to work on Monday.

So my husband, despite my objection due to job changing, insisted on doing a trip to Florida. I was waiting for the offer from the new job and had already told them that I will not be traveling anywhere in the next 6 months, imagine telling them that "except I'll need one week off the first week!" It wasn't the greatest idea. Taking a week off during my two-week's notice also seem sleazy to me. Then, of course, the job offer came, my old boss is going on her vacation 3 days before mine, so I had to squeeze in my two-week's notice (more like 1.5 week) day before she left.

THEN, speaking of when it rain it pours, the landlady called and gave us 30-days notice to move out. Her husband had passed away, and she wanted to sell the house. She was very reasonable, we can take all the time we need, providing that we would allow them to show the place to potential buyers while still living there. Great, that's just what want right? Let's go on a vacation for 7 days while buyer and seller agents AND potential buyers trample all over our house. As luck would have it, we would come back to missing only a TV if we are lucky. (And in general I don't like strangers entering into my house... I doubt many people are okay with that.) So now in addition to trip and job change, we have to find a place AND move.

So the timeline went something like this:

Weekend #1 - apartment hunting
Weekend #2 - move
Weekend #3 - leave on vacation
Weekend #4 - back from vacation

Monday after weekend #4, start new job. It was the Thursday before the trip when I had a melt down. It was the Thursday before the trip that I've decided that we are never doing another "American vacation" again. Thanks God I have a lot more vacation time than my husband. Hahaha.

Why am I going on and on about what happened three years ago? Because the same thing is about to happen again, next month! There may be some career advancement, nothing set in stone yet. Our apartment has kindly given us the offer for the new lease term and obviously grossly underestimated our ability to use the INTERNET because the price they quote us was atrocious comparing to what they are asking on their website -- in the middle of negotiating. And, again, planning on a trip next month.

Is it my astrological sign that is causing this to happen to me???

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