Tuesday, June 23, 2009


All of my readership (all 3 of you that I know personally) should have a certain appreciation for the saying "WTF." So here's a couple WTF stories about my marriage.

Today I ran into this neighbor. I should precede my story by saying that this being the heart of Silicon Valley, the demographic of our apartment is 80% Indians, 18% other Asians, and 2% White, give or take. So this neighbor is Chinese, not that rare overall in Silicon Valley, relatively rare in our apartment. Regardless, I started chatting with him. I had seen him with a lady before (whom I assumed is his wife) and he had seen me with Hubby. So the conversation went something like this:

"Is that your wife the other day?" Really, just making conversation.

"No, that's my girlfriend. Is that your husband or boyfriend?"

"Husband. We've been married for almost 7 years."

"Did you meet him in the US?"

"No, I'm his mail-ordered bride."

Okay, the last one didn't happen, but WTF? Was he implying that (1) I'm a mail-ordered bride or (2) I married him for a green card?

Okay, maybe he was just making conversation, but the reason I was sensitive to that was because of a previous conversation that I had before, with another Chinese. (What's with Chinese peeps and their randomly offensive questions??)

This other person, upon finding out that (1) Hubby is White and (2) he was in the Navy, blurted out that, "Oh! I know! You met him when he was in port in Hong Kong!!"

WTF? If it's not bad enough that that's their first assumption, couldn't they at least keep their opinions to themselves? WTF?


Jonathan said...


If it makes you feel better, when I met you, I assumed you met your husband in Sacramento.

parsonii said...

I knew I could count on you, John. And, YES, it makes me feel much better. ;)