Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Asian A-hole!

So, Hubby and I decided to take on the daunting tasks of rearranging the furniture while upgrading some of them. In order to do that, some of the old stuff have to go to make room for the new stuff. What better way to get rid of old stuff than listing them on, you got it,! So we posted this Ikea coffee table on CL for free. Little do I know, we got some 20 calls/emails within a couple of hours (yeah, made the mistake of leaving house so I could not take the ad down after the first call). Regardless, guy was supposed to come pick it up this evening, called me at 8:45 PM and asked if he could come. Well, we sleep late, not a big deal.

I didn't like people to know where I live, let alone strangers coming into my house, so we moved the table downstair for him. Guy still managed to totally drove pass us *with the table* and had to back up. Okay, I rarely say this, but should have listened to Hubby and left the table under the street lamp. No! I gave credit to common decency. We waited. When the guy finally spotted us and moved his car toward us, Hubby again suggested to leave. Again, I should have listened! But no! I said we'd be nice and actually moved the table to his car. Guy got out of his car, a lightly stocky Asian dude in his twenties. He drove a sedan, and came alone. To pick up a table!

"Will it fit into your car?" I asked. Really, more of a conversation starter... and I didn't want to move the table back up to my apartment, especially after turning down some TWENTY people to hold the table for him.

Dude had the audacity to swing open the back door and told us, "Sure, just put it in the back seat." Un-*******-believable. Mind you Hubby and I had already put the table down on the ground.

I looked at him in total disbelief. He looked back at me and waited. I took a step back so he could BETTER GET TO THE TABLE. He repeated, "just put it in sideways." Oh my ***** ******* God! Maybe that's the way things were done in HIS country, wherever he was from, but if he thought I'd put the FREE table that I was giving away in HIS car for him, he was gravely mistaken.

"Go head!" I told him. How I wish I was better at the quick wit department. I would have came up with funnier comments like, "Well, what you waiting for? The table isn't going to move itself." Or looked down at myself and go, "Yup, still got the boobs, still a girl... oh wait, where's your balls?"

To think that I held the table for HIM!

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