Friday, May 8, 2009

Wooo Ahhhhh, The MiFi

State of the Art - With a Private MiFi Hot Spot, Be Online Wherever You Like -

Wireless on the go. :O Bring this little device with you, hit the one button that it has, and you will instantly (30 seconds is quite instantly) have an Wi-Fi cloud around you. Can be shared with up to five people.

Summary:- Verizon will be releasing it in mid-May. Device is $100 with 2-year contract. $40 a month for 250 MB data transfer. $60 for 5 GB. $15 for 24 hours, but device will cost you $270.

Battery last 4-hours per charge, but device goes to sleep after 30 minutes of inactivity, on and off can last an entire day. Standing time is 40 hours.

Oooooo Aahhhhh, a few years ago I'd KILL (figuratively speaking, I'll be willing to shell out the money) to have one of these. Luckily I no longer have the need for portable wi-fi.

Just wait, 25 years from now, people will be suing the wireless phone companies for not telling us that all these wireless devices can cause cancer!

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