Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Man, totally in this drab lately. I feel that if I just try to be myself and say what's on my mind (I don't think I'm that offensive), I am just pissing off people left and right.

At work they always say you need to venture out of one's comfort zone. I am venturing way too much out of my comfort zone and way too fast. Who would have thought it's so difficult to manage a softball team? Evidently it's a lot more than just submitting the paper work and sending out emails to attend the games. It is in the human nature to complain... (and God made men in his own image? Or is that only referring to physical appearances?), A wants this, B wants that. It is like a nightmare to put together a bunch of people with such diverse personalities.

Then again, with the exception of a few power mongers, most people just like the management pay, but hate the actual (human) management part of their jobs!

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