Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lay Offs

Economists said that the economy will bottom out and start to (slooooowly) recover by October of this year; economists said that the recession had already bottomed out and in recovery; economists said that however unemployment will continue for a while long and not rebound very fast. Okay, of all the theories that I have heard so far, I am going to go with the bottom out at October of this year one. It just sounds more realistic. How do I know it's realistic? I don't, I am not even an economist, it's just the date that is farther away. When an "economist" announced that "the economy is in recovery" based on ONE DAY'S Dow Jones increase, I've got to imagine that he/she was just being ridiculously optimisstic. Wouldn't it be nice if words from a few "economists" can just revive the stock market like that?

That said, it seemed the news had downplayed the laying offs a bit. We are not hearing it as much now, except the occasional high headcounts lay offs from high tech firms. Did you know that the unemployment rate is already at 11% in the bay area? My friend, who used to work with me, and my husband have strange confident in the security of my job. I would rather not remain so optimisstic. I like to be prepared for the worst (not that there's a lot of preparation I can do for this one) and I hate to be blind-sided. In the end, I just don't have a lot of faith in people in general. Does my boss like me (as an employee)? Sure. Does he like my quality of work? I think so. Will he stick out for me when push come to shove? I don't know. In the end, it's each person for themselves. He answers to someone else. When orders come down that he has to axe x number of people or $x in headcount revenue, I'm not so sure I'm all that indispensable.

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