Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"I don't get white people...."

... says my Asian friend.

I don't know what is there to not get. I have been in the US for over half of my life now and have been married to a Whitie going on seven years.

"Like, I don't get how every houses have a trampoline in their backyard!" she says.

"It's fun!" I replied, "and it doesn't fit inside the house!"

"And they go drinking on the weekends, till they pass out," she says.

Okay, not being a drinker, I cannot answer that one. Anyone has an answer for that or anything else to add to the list?

Though I did not make the same observations as her, I do have a few gripes of my own:-

(1) Panda Express and any variation thereof are like Taco Bell style Mexican food. It somewhat resembles Chinese food, but not really.

(2) PF Chang is "Chinese fusion," or what my friend would call "whitified" Chinese food. The name and the shape bear some resemblances, but it ends there. E & O Trading Company is Eastern Asian fusion food. Do not mistaken them for real Chinese food. Also, China is a big place, trust me when I said there's more to Chinese food than sweet & sour pork, fried rice, mu su pork, and broccoli beef.

(3) By the same token, there are more than two genres -- horror and kung fu -- of movies. Watching a couple kung fu movies do not qualify you as "I watch Chinese movies." Houses of the Flying Daggers and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon is made for White people. It was observed that White people are very awed by the wiring technique for some odd reason, so the peeps in CTHD pretty much flew through the entire movie. I had no idea what the movie was actually about -- I'm not sure there was a plot. All I remember was people flying all over the place.

(4) Tattoos in Asian characters (my personal favorite). As my luck have it, I had ran into a few individuals who'd first ask me, "Where are you from?" "Sacramento." I said. Nope, not the answer they were fishing for. They wanted to hear somewhere Asia. After establishing the fact that I can read/write/speak the specific language, they'd roll up their sleeves and show me their tattoos, "What does this say?"

If you think about it it's a very interesting concept. Are they: (1) testing me my ability in said language? Because that really is somewhat annoying if not downright offensive, or (2) actually had no idea what they had tattooed on their body? Idiot! It says idiot, and stop showing it to me!

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