Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Blogging Groove

My longest blog ever has 460 entries before I moved to the bay area and my blogging groove died a horrible death. I am 1/4 there again!! =D I feel that I have finally got my groove back... or am I just bored out of my mind being stuck in a rut? Let's just say I ran out of Veronica Mars to watch tonight, so I am going to blog to oblivious.


Gen Y should also be called the my-life-is-nothing-but-an-open-book generation. The transparency of their life is unbelievable. Then, of course, when the information they have willingly placed on the internet (a place of no information return) was viewed by the wrong individuals, all of a sudden their privacy was invaded. Huh?

Peeps don't understand how I don't have a myspace account. Simple: I don't need one. I like to keep my blog anonymous. I prefer my primary audience be strangers whom I'll never meet instead of acquaintances, or worse, coworkers. And if my friends' photos are only accessible on myspace, well, I will just have to live with not seeing them. Never was that big in pictures anyway.

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