Thursday, May 7, 2009

Same Sex Marriage

I wish I had came up with this idea, but I really can't take credit for it.

Sometimes I can almost see why people object to the idea of same sex marriage. I have never thought of homosexuality as a big deal, for starters. But I guess a couple of centuries ago the question was whether homosexuality is normal, and it's a big jump from whether it's normal to whether they should be allowed to wed. And I suppose to some, especially the older generation, they simply could not get over the unnaturalness of it. I wish people can see pass how it's unnatural, and start seeing how it's human rights.

Regardless, most people just seem to be suck on the term "marriage" as defined as between a man and a woman, AND the opposite end doesn't want anything that's equal but different (which makes sense), so this best solution, according to oh wise one (wish I remember who) is to completely separate marriage from civil union. So two individuals, regardless of gender, can obtain civil union via a government agency, thus acquiring their marital (?) status and all sorts of legal benefits; marriage, on the other hand, will remain straightly a religious ceremony, and the church/religion/pastors can define it however they want.

In the end, polls had shown that younger generations have greater tolerance towards same sex marriage. It's a matter of time before it happens, just a matter of how much longer will we have to wait till we can see that day.

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