Thursday, May 7, 2009

Blogger, Twitter, and Friendfeed

So I spent a weekend to buckling down to figure out what this Twitter thing is. Funny thing was, the Monday after the weekend when I was watching Chuck, it says 26% of those who are watching this commercial right now have no idea what Twitter is. A week ago I would have bee one of the 26%...

After discovering friendfeed and Twitter, I am still confused as to why I need all three accounts (friendfeed, Twitter, and blogger), especially when you can import literally everything, short of your grocery list (bet you there's a way to do it) into friendfeed. I have finally came to this conclusion -- it all depends on how long your message/random thought are. Here's the breakdown:

Below 140 characters (not to be confused with words): Twitter

Between 140 and 350 characters: Friendfeed

More than 350 characters: Blogger


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