Saturday, May 16, 2009


Speaking of PC (political correctness, not to be confused with personal computers), people, specifically Americans, have the ability to take pretty much any believe to the extreme, for example, feminism. I suppose you can call me a feminist, but far from a fundamentalist. I have actually been told before that some females will find it offensive when men open the doors for her. Offensive? Perhaps excessive, or that it's inefficient, but offensive? I'll find it offensive if he does that because he truly believes that I was incapable of opening the door on my own, otherwise, it's just a tradition, roll with it.

Another even more puzzling example is the Nike commercial during the 2004 Olympics, in which a woman was chased by a guy with a chain saw and she out ran the guy, naturally, in her Nike sneakers. Feminists said that it portrays women as victims. Hmmm, let's see. Woman was jogging, she's health conscious, that's a plus. She saw a man going at her with a chain saw, in the split second she made the decision that her best odds was to run. That shows intelligence, another plus. AND she outran him. How does this commercial belittle women in any ways? Were she supposed to stay and fight and beat the crap out of him? Depicting woman as a victim would be she stayed to fight, got overpowered, and cut up into pieces. Good golly! How about a little common sense?

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Anonymous said...

Days ago I was walking back home with hands full of shopping. I was walking towards a glass door and was prepared turn around and using my back to push open the door. Before I did that, an expatriate man came from behind and held open the the door for me, and said, with a little twinkle in his eyes, "My apologies, I didn't know that you are ARMLESS". We all need some good humour to get by :-) HL