Sunday, April 19, 2009


Are these guys serious? :O It definitely sounds like a joke to me... but at this day and age, who knows?

VHEMT - The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement

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Anonymous said...

Reader discretion is advised.

This comment may seem ridiculous, especially to those who selfishly believe that the human race deserves to thrive to the detriment of other species.

The urge reproduce is one of the most instinctual traits of any species including us. It is the reason we humans are here existing in such unsustainable high numbers. Our collective willingness and ability to reproduce needs to be attacked, severely, and the sooner the better. Condoms, contraception, vasectomies, these noble ideas simply don't go far enough... As an individual, I don't have the capacity to do what is necessary to successfully cause the extinction of our human race, but in the name of great humble sacrifice, I hope someone else does, someone with enormous power, influence, insight and love for the planet. Any specie that has the awareness and knowledge that a certain specie is destroying all other species has the moral obligation to eliminate that said specie, even if it's itself. Abortion should not only be legal, it should be mandatory, for the sake of life on Earth. We are the plague, we must be wiped off the face of the Earth!