Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Militant Atheists

So I have been spending a lot of time browsing different atheism websites, blog, twitters, etc. lately and I must say, some of the attitudes that I came across were alarming and disturbing. It made me understood the terms "militant atheists" or "evangelical atheist." The militant atheists are behaving no different than religious fundamentalists, except for the cause. (Does that sound familiar to you?) That negativity towards religions made me very uncomfortable. I guess ultimately what I want to see is a country truly with a separation of church and state; and that political policies will be formed based on logical reasoning, not faith; and that people will vote base on a rational belief in the policies of their candidates, not their faith. I have no intention of joining a movement who purpose is to eradicate all religion beliefs! I guess deep down inside I still believe that a person's religious belief is personal and sacred; I don't like people forcing their beliefs on me, on the other hand, I also do not want to tell others what to believe!

What are the terms always used to redicule fundamentalists? Intolerance and bigotry came to mind. Is it not intolerance to want to stomp out all religious (those who disagree with our atheism viewpoint)? If it's bigotry to proclaim that one knows God exists and created the world etc. etc., is it not also bigotry to proclaim a Godlessness as a reality? Do not forget that while theists cannot prove that God exists, neither can atheist that God does not exist!

I believe in evolution, as a process; it does not, however, explain the beginning of life. The work of Charles Darwin was called "the Origin of Species," not "The Beginning of Life." If you know any basic physics (law of entropy), then you'd also know that the entire theory about the brown soap, molecules, along with energy from lightning forming first single cellular then complex cellular organisms was no more or no less a stretch than God made Adam and Even and plopped them onto earth. And even if scientists had, indeed, recreated the brown soup, the molecules, with an introduction of energy etc., there still left the question of: and where does all those came from?

My point is, trying to convert a country from a Christian-oriented nation to a non-faith based society is going to be an uphill battle. The ultimate goal is to educate people and let them choose for themselves. Being militant over any reason is not acceptable and not a solution to anything.

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