Saturday, April 25, 2009

Animals & Humans

I did not care for the entire FAA releasing birds striking planes data debate. I figured that people are still going to travel via planes one way or another, so what is the difference whether the general public knows the statistics or not. All I can think of is that people who had fear of flying will have even more reasons too (but nobody is afraid of reckless drivers on the road!! How about making accidents caused by reckless drivers public!!) Regardless, I saw this picture on Wired Science blog today and it just made me sad. As if taking away their habitat is not enough, we have also invaded their air space, was a bald eagle to know that they should not fly so fast during air traffic time? Will they be able to adopt the skill to not only look at preys on the ground but also planes in the sky before we drove them to extinction? Perhaps armed with the right knowledge, experts in the area can starting looking for a solution?

On a lighter note, here's a picture of our coexistence with (possibly-rabies-carrying) animals:-


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