Friday, April 24, 2009

Mi Estupido Espouso...

are three of the very limited words that I know in Spanish.

After all the heavy postings in the past few days, I think I'd go with something lighter for a change.

Evidently, my husband needs more work at work -- he was so bored at work the other day that he decided to call up a loan agent to see how much we can qualify for, should we decide to buy a house in the bay area. Whatever makes him think that the loan agent can possibly tell him something that I couldn't was beyond me. I suppose it wasn't his fault, it was just that extra Y chromosome talking. [Yes, if I had failed to mention this before, I'm a sexist; I totally believe that female is the more superior of the two genders.]

Dude quote us the same amount quoted to us before! Before the housing melt down, that is! [Please see my earlier entry "My Husband, in a Nutshell" for the full story.]

Why does he do these things like this when I wasn't around? I have a billion smart retorts that I so wanted to dish out at this guy. A couple came to my mind right away:-

"You did hear that the CEO of Freddie Mae hung himself today, right? Or have you been following the news about what is going on in the outside world?"


"And how much is the monthly payment going to be for this amount?"


"And if $x is the same our entire monthly income, how do you propose for us to pay for food, gas, electricity, or my feminine hygiene needs?"


Oh, believe me, I'll say just that. Okay, perhaps without the "feminine hygiene" part.

What a %$*()**@) #(%($^)!

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