Thursday, April 30, 2009

Twitter & Swine Flu

Okay, first of all, I don't get this big deal about the swine flu (yes, I am aware that WHO had changed the official name today, I'll get around to that). Okay, so 159 people died in Mexico, but there have been no deaths so far outside of Mexico (the baby who died in Texas came from Mexico, for those uninitiated). People die from regular flu too, and the swine flu is certainly not remotely as contagious or deadly as the avian flu or SARS. Really, what is the big deal? Why is this a pandemic and not the flu we see every year?

Second, couple days ago the news said people were spreading the panic on twitter and that people should twitter (tweed?) responsibly? What?? When are going to shift the responsibilities back to the audience/readers/recipients? If they have a twitter account, they have internet access. Do some research on your own! is FREE!

And the changing of the name from swine flu to H1N1 because 300,000 pigs were being slaughtered in Egypt... I am speechless, how could health officials of a country not do some basic research before making such an order.... ???

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