Friday, October 10, 2008

Witnessing History

So I've got this new habit of turning the TV on in the morning when I get ready for work. It's some noise in the background and it's also nice to be able to talk to my coworkers about current events in addition to video games and gossips about other peeps in the office. Of course nowadays morning news are invariably about the crashing of the stock market and the pathetic presidential campaign (is there one that is not pathetic)? And one morning, regarding the plummeting stockmarket, the news reporter said, "you are witnessing history here." Sure, can't argue with that, but is that really a good thing? To be witnessing history? With the exception of men landing on moon, I think the rest are quite overrated. Holocaust, tsunami, earthquakes that kill hundreds and thousands of people? No, I'm good. I think I'll be happy just reading them from a history book.

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