Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Dumb

I hate dumb people. My ex used to say that (as if it's a bad thing) I have low tolerance to dumb people. Of course it was hurtful at the time, but to date he was not able to tell me WHY I need to tolerate them? Maybe he's is one of them, that would certainly explain his odd affinity towards them.

I used to think that when the end of the world came, it'd be some sort of high-tech terrorism that brought all the computers (or just the few main ones) down since we have grown to be SO dependent of computer. Just imagine -- lost of power, water, traffic signals, bank accounts "wiped cleaned," nothing that haven't already been depicted in some Hollywood video. Heck, just imaging not having your TV/Tivo for one night... or your cell phone... or internet... Scary huh? But lately I am thinking that when the end of the world came, it's brought down by the Dumb.

If nothing else, the Dumb sure likes to breed. They believe literally in the Bible about going out there and multiply. Ugh, the Bible, much like the constitution, sometimes needs to be adjusted to the, that's right, PRESENT. Resources are limited, let it be clean water, food, or habitable land. No organisms on earth are meant to breed uncontrollably. Or it could be the global warming, because the Dumb doesn't care, or believe that it's a real deal, or that "someone will fix it, I can just go on with my way of life."

The Republicans are made up of two groups of people -- the Dumb and the Rich. It is very scary the Dumb likes to breed more so than the Educated (the Educated understands the concept of OPTIMAL number of offspring, sometimes the more is not necessarily the better). And in a democratic country, that just means we are screwed. Yes, you heard me, SCREWED. The most ironic part? The Dumb doesn't even realized that they are being manipulated to vote in a way so that the Rich get richer and they never did figure out why they are struggling in the bottom rung of the society.

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