Sunday, October 12, 2008


I love being married. Let me precede this post by stating that I do not believe that marriage is for everyone. I believe that to some individuals, the idea of spending the rest of their lives with the same man/woman is a mortifying idea. That said, certain other individuals, like me, are perfectly happy being married. There are many benefits to being married (paying more taxes is, obviously, not one of them). To list a few of those advantages:-

(1) always a date to go to couple events;

(2) always someone to go home to;

(3) always someone there to take care of you when you are sick... (did I also precede that marriage is only a good thing if you are happy in it?)

The biggest advantage of all? Have you ever heard of the quote "Behind every success man is a woman"? I think it's safe to extend to say that "Behind every successful person is a spouse." (Support gay marriage!!) But I digress, this blog entry is not dedicated to supporting gay marriage. There's a good reason to that statement. It's not so much the support from the partner as to the energy saved from no longer needed to look and able to be channeled to other more constructive cause, like WORK!!

Just think, when a man or a woman walk into the room, in a social or work context, you no longer have to think whether he/she is a potential partner. And I don't have to channel as much energy into avoiding potential behavior that will send the wrong message. People don't tend to over interpret as much when they know that you are married. You can make friends with both gender without romantic context. It is just awesome!!

Hurray to being married.


Found this funny quote while looking for the actual quote, so I thought I'd mention it:

"Behind every successful man is a woman, behind her is his wife." - Groucho Marx

From Quote DB

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