Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Gainfully Employed

So one day I suddenly got a hunch that I was going to get let go, so I decided to clean my cabinet of all my personal junk that's been sitting in there for the last two years. Well, fortunately or unfortunately, my hunch did not come true. Work has, actually, been quite busy lately, so when my friend said I am "gainfully employed," I assumed "gainfully" means constructively/productively. A few days after said conversation, I've decided to look up "gainfully" on Dictionary.com (you should try it some day, it's an excellent resource!). It turned out that "gainfully" means "lucrative." :O Me? Lucratively employed? So I went back to my friend and said to her, "employed... yes; gainfully though... I'm not so sure." To which she replied, "in this economy, being employed is gainfully employed." How true and how sad....

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