Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Skill is something one earn through time and hard work; talent, on the other hand, is something that one was born with. A skill instilled by God, figuratively speaking. My talent? Computer killer.

Allow me to explain, many eons and a few blogs ago (yes, I start new and unfinished blogs like there is no tomorrow), I blogged about my series of computer mishap -- spilling water on the company laptop thus conveniently destroying it (have I mentioned that the laptop was only 1 week new?); accidentally put very malicious virus onto my personal laptop; went to use Hubby's laptop while he's trying to fix mine and brought up a blue screen of death. Three on three!

That was a while ago... and my latest streak: moved colleague's laptop from table onto podium in preparation for a conference and immediate soldering smell followed; after said conference returned to my own desk and discovered blue gooey gel on the tip of my CAT 5 cable, turned out that when I unplugged it from my laptop the night before, I accidentally dropped the tip into my cup of water and it sat there over night, at least I didn't destroy another company laptop :); day after I spilled water onto my (thank god external) keyboard and ruined a $70 keyboard.... Again, must look on the bright side, that could have been the work laptop again. :D Where will my talent stop?

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