Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Division of Labor

Schools of studies are devoted to the division of labor between men and women. Heck, when I was studying anthropology in college, evolutionary differences between men and women were based on the different in division of labor (mainly hunting v gathering). Last week as I was bragging to my female coworker about how great my husband is, a question popped into my head: my husband cooks, cleans, AND brings home more dough... what do I bring into this relationship. If it wasn't bad enough that I have to ask myself that question, it took me a week to come up with an answer -- he brings all the serious and important things into the relationship, I bring the entertainment.

Allow me to elaborate:- I introduced him to food outside of burgers and spaghetti (my poor mid-west boys); I made him watch My Fair Lady and Sound of Music; I dragged him to Les Miserable (almost ditched him and went alone when he was complaining about $55 ticket to see Les Miserable. $55! For Les Miserable! It was a steal!) and Jersey Boys; not only do I manage the queue to our online movie rental, I've taken the liberty to pick the movies for him also (he never remembers to put movies that he likes into the queue). Hubby kindly pointed out that I've also contributed two lovely cats into the relationship... again, still falls under the entertainment umbrella!

So, I would like to think that I bring fun and joy into his life when he brings organization into mine. ;)

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