Saturday, October 11, 2008

Why I Stopped Using Ebay

Just made a purchase on ebay and totally regretting it. If there's a way to cancel that transaction, I would. So how did I go from this person that used to buy all sorts of stuff (I literally would "window shop" -- as in have nothing specific in mind) on ebay to someone who avoids it like a plague? Answer: one bad experience.

Allow me to go into further details. I buy, and occasionally sell, video games on ebay. Just like many parking lots that like to post disclaimers that "we are not responsible for any lost of damages to your vehicles," many sellers on ebay likes to disclaim that they are "no responsible for shipping lost or damages." As it turns out, peeps can disclaim anything they damn well feel it, but posting it, low and behold, does not automatically make it legal. Although one could argue that you are entering a legally binding contract on ebay... regardless....

So I never received my item from this one seller. In fact, the tracking # on the post office specifically say that "we have been contacted about this shipment," but not confirmed that they have, indeed, received the item. As a decent human being, I even tried multiple times to sort out whether it's FOB (freight on board) origin or destination with ebay to no avail.

Ebay's response: Oh, you didn't receive the item? Go deal with PayPal.

PayPal: We don't deal with shipping insurance. Just file your claim.

So was it my fault that I took advantage of PayPal's $2000 guarantee and got my money back? The seller literally cursed me to hell. I guess to some retards, all living creatures naturally believe in God, their God. Besides the fact that he's a Bible thumber, he also called me a blonde. I'm so evil that I must be blonde. Need an IQ test to determine this guy's intelligence?

Money back or not, I dislike confrontations and nasty emails. And all that for what? A $4-$10 saving? Ugh. Thanks but no thanks. I'd rather buy from Amazon from now on.

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