Wednesday, October 8, 2008

When It Rains, It Pours

Alternate title for this entry: My Inability to Finish Projects That I Start

I have about oh some 10-15 different blogs. Why? You may ask. The longest one I had was when I was in San Diego. I think the blog lasted my entire duration there -- about 10 months. Then we moved to the bay area, and I was depressed during my job hunt. Then got even MORE depressed when I got the third worst job in my life and I had to stop blogging because I did not want to fill it with all negative criticisms of my imbecile coworkers. Ever since then I've tried plenty of times but was never able to make consistent entries. Every time after a few months gap, I'd have new found determination that "this time I'll have one entry a day," so I'd start another blog. So this is my nth blog... and I'm sure there will be n+1th blog, n+2th blog, so on and so forth.

Why the title? I digressed. Two days after I started this blog, with only ONE entry and NO links at all, I received an email from blogger. Evidently my pathetic one-entry blog somehow flagged their software that identifies spam blogs. Spam blogs? I know what SPAM is... make fried rice with it all the time. I get SPAM emails a lot... but gmail has a pretty good filter, a lot better than Yahoo mail if I may add, but what is a spam blog? I followed the link. Evidently a spam blog is a blog with many links, usually all link to the same place. Ugh. I guess I'd lump this into the category of: this one I'll never figure out in this life time. Perhaps it's because of my gazillion blogs under the account.... ergo the backup title: My Inability to Finish Projects that I Start.

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