Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tournament (The Movie) - Warning! Contain Spoiler!

As if it's even possible to spoil a movie like this...

Since it is not even worth my time to write my own synopsis on this one, I am just going to copy-paste what's on the back of the DVD box:
Every seven years, thirty of the world’s most deadly assassins face off against one another for an outrageous cash prize. There’s only one rule: kill or die. As dozens of wealthy gamblers watch via closed-circuit TV, a city is overrun by brutal assassins - all aiming to be the last one standing. Starring Ving Rhames, Kelly Hu and Robert Carlyle, The Tournament is an explosive, action-loaded thriller where the winner takes all.
I must have watched waaay too many of movies of this type. There was another one with a very similar premise, except they get death row inmates to do deadly car races. I think it's call Death Race or something. Let me put it this way, this movie has the exact same twist in the end as that one. Man! It's almost less insulting if they'd just skip the twist altogether. I guess it makes no difference one way or another, we all know how the movie is going to end from the get-go (to find out the survivors in the end, see the cover of the box. I did warn you about spoiler!). Peeps who watch movies like this (me) really are just watching it for the blood and gore anyway, not the non-existing plot line.

Best line in the movie? When the Asian chick yelled at the thick-headed priest: "Was it my accent? Did I stutter?" Good one! I am going to use that from now on. LOL.

(This post barely made Tuesday's entry! :)

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