Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Softball Bat... Midlife Crisis?

So I have been on a crusade for the perfect softball bat. So who'd have thought that finding the softball bat is almost as difficult as finding the perfect mate? I thought finding the softball bat would most definitely fall into the category of issues-that-money-can-solve. I should be able to just throw money at this problem. I suppose it's all relative, if I am wealthy enough to find the right bat by trial and error, this will, indeed, be a problem that money can solve. Too bad we are not that loaded. I blame Hubby for not bringing home a 7-digit annual income. =D

Instead, I had to spend a week doing research online (and still haven't placed my order.) I was going to take the easy way out and just pick the brain of this expert guy at work, but lo' and behold he was on vacation last week. Whilst a week might not seem like a long time to a normal person (after all, it is just a softball bat we are talking about), to someone with absolutely no patience, you might as well have told me he won't be back for two years. To make matter worse, after an entire week of research, I came back to the same bat that was recommended to me on day one. Just why did I bother??? I guess I can now bluff to those even more ignorant on this subject than me as if I know anything about it. =D

My cousin asked, "Do you have the skill to utilize a good bat?"

My answer, "Does it matter?" Sometimes money can buy happiness. ^_^

I wonder if this sudden urge to spend globs of money on a fancy softball bat a sign of me going through my midlife crisis? I guess all things considered, the most expensive bat one can get is still a lot cheaper than a fancy sports car. =D Better place my order before el cheapo Hubby changes his mind. Hehehe.


D said...

What kind of bat was recommended? Plus I found to be a great source for bat information.

Answer online! Enough with this personal service stuff! Let's see dialogue! ;)

parsonii said...

Will post when received.