Friday, November 20, 2009

The Meaning of Life -- Distractions

People like to ask, "What is the meaning of life?" Perhaps a better question to ask is, "Is there a meaning?" Or better yet, "Should there be a meaning?" After all, who ever promised that there is necessarily a meaning? We are not only searching in the blind, we don't even know if what we are looking for exists. Even man-made so-called religions did not promise a meaning. Western religions (gross generalization) stresses what's important is life after death. It still baffles me how "being with your creator is all the hype." In any case, if you want to portray a Heaven, I'd imaging "heaven" will be very different from people to people. To me, Heaven will be a place where we are immortal and I can be with my husband forever. Some people think it will be HELL if they have to be with their families for all eternity. Then, there are the one-sided love -- what if HE wants to be with her forever, and she'd much rather not to see him again for all eternity? Seems to me the only way to fulfill all the criteria is for us to go to "sleep" and stay in hallucination land forever. Perhaps that is what life after death is. Who knows?

Eastern religions (Buddhism) stresses reincarnation. Again, neither one of them touches on this life time. Is that ironic or what? Are we living in the unknown future, or are we living in the present? Science/evolution is the way of how things work, doesn't even touch upon the meaning of life by any stretch of imagination. The earth is round is not a meaning. The earth revolves around the sun is not a meaning. A man and a woman can copulate and create offspring, though amazing, is still not a meaning.

That said, I can safely come to the conclusion that life is all about distractions. Yes, you heard me right -- distractions. The "meaning of life," or lack thereof, is all about how to occupy your free time. There are the essentials, which I would think its fair to say it's the same for everyone -- food on table (or just food, no table), roof over head (or just a place to sleep at night, I'm flexible). Once those are satisfied (i.e. working 8 hours a day to achieve that), you are left with the free time... to ponder about the meaning of life, which doesn't exist. I think the best support I can throw out there to support my point is the rich and famous dying from drug overdose. Is there explanations other than they can't find enough distractions to keep them from noticing how empty life really is? How about all sorts of stupid stunts that people pull just because they are bored?

Different people uses different things as their distractions -- shopping is a good one; eating, video gaming, having hobbies are a few other good ideas. Among them, having kids are probably the most effective of it all. What else can suck up every single free minute of your life for 18-years or more other than a child??

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