Saturday, November 28, 2009

Reality TV Shows

I am a reality TV show junkie. I won't say I watch ALL of them; there's not enough time in a day to do that, but I have and am watching quite a few of them. Some observations I've made when it comes to reality TV shows.

(1) Unless it's the first season, you have no excuses to not have any clue what to expect on the show. For Pete's sake, you should have done all the research before the audition, or at least after the audition when you know you have been selected. Sheesh!

(2) Of the ones that involve a group of people living together and being eliminated over a relatively long period of time, people always seem to lose the perspective that no matter how you form alliances and identify your enemies, at the end there can only be one winner. Choose your friends wisely; choose your enemies wisely; and most important of all, know when to break your alliances. I've seen many morons who'd form alliances with players with questionable ethics for strategic purposes, then made the mistakes of sticking to the alliances for a little too long and ended up being screwed over. After all, every thing can be lumped under the big umbrella of "It's just a game!" Do it when it's to your advantage.

(3) Inevitably one of the folks will at some point said, "I am going to channel my anger (from losing so many challenges) to win this game." These folks invariably never made it to the end.

Sure, I might not be able to do any better than any of those folks if I ever get onto a reality TV show (I am really going to have to need the money desperately), but everybody can be a critic, right? =)

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