Sunday, November 15, 2009


Finally sold this stupid game on Amazon, after dropping the prices twice. Just to give you an idea, a normal DS game goes for $24.99, this one was going for $11.99 on Amazon, brand new, mind you. Then even Amazon dropped it by $2 more to $9.99. Ack! Being an avid money spender on Amazon, I know the formula for a successful sale as a third part seller on Amazon:-

For new goods:

your price + $4 (S&H) < Amazon's price (because Amazon offers free S&H, you need to factor that into your pricing)

For used goods:

your price = the lowest price (of an item of equal condition) + a reasonable reduction

I was about to think that the game can fall into the you-can't-give-it-away-even-if-you-offer-people-money-to-take-it category when it finally sold for a whopping $5.75. Yikes!

Just like my co-worker A had once said, "Everyone can find a boyfriend/girlfriend, just lower your standards." Wisdom.

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