Saturday, January 31, 2009


My coworker the other day asked me if I feel stress working at the company. Being a supporting staff, it's about the only time I feel superior over her. "Just a little bit," I told her. Really, I can't complaint, have no grounds or reasons to. I honestly am happy at this point in my life. Have a great husband, two adorable cats, blessed with no accidents (kids) so far, have a job that I don't hate... in fact, quite prefer, love to eat, have enough disposable income to enjoy dining and buying myself inexpensive happiness (video games, mangas, etc.) My biggest problem in life right now?

(1) I'm not sure which characters to use in my party in Star Ocean: Second Evolution:

and this problem is caused by

(2) The Star Ocean 2 Official Guide is BACK ORDERED!!

This one:

I want to say, Great for Bradygames!! In this down economy their products are SOLD out!! Or maybe just some bad coordination job that caused the guide to NOT BE AVAILABLE on it's release date.

Oh yeah, and

(3) Hubby occasionally gripes that I don't update my blog enough.

See? I really don't have a lot of grounds to complain about much in life. :)

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