Sunday, January 4, 2009

Legend of the Condor Heroes 射鵰英雄傳

Never would I have thought that my search for the Legend of the Condor Heroes DVDs would end at For the longest time I've been eying, hoping that I can find it cheaper in HK, but, having a non-Chinese speaking husband, I need to get a version with English subtitles. That was a few years' wait before that came to fruition. Finally when I decided to bite the bullet and bought from YesAsia and was eagerly waiting for their arrival, I, instead, received an email that the item was backordered, and the supplier was very unlikely to produce any more in the future!!! Imagine the disappointment! However, I refused to give up so easily. If this product exists, are you to tell me that the very last copy was SOLD? And I absolutely cannot find it on the internet, in the entire WORLD? I did another search, with it Chinese name. The best I could find was a few bitorrent links. Mind you, I laughed at the English translation of this show when I first saw it at YesAsia. "Hahaha, they have an English name for it?" I thought to myself. Especially when the patrons leaving feedback shortened it to "LOCH '83" (the show was originally made in 1983), it was totally American... okay, might be Canadian. But I woke up one morning and was enlightened: if I want to find the version with English subtitles, shouldn't I search it under it's English name? Lo and behold, this entire time it was waiting to be purchased on Amazon. Okay, individually sellers from Amazon, but Amazon nonetheless. For those of you who are still searching, here's the link. I can't testify for the quality of the product whatsoever, I am still waiting eagerly for it to arrive at my doorstep. But the last email confirmed that it has been shipped, not backordered. :)

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Tom said...

And I can't wait to watch it either :)